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Newgene is a system integrator and a technology distribution house providing end-to-end supply of IT services, solutions & products including servers, cloud services, laptops, tablets, peripherals, storage and networking products, solar lighting & power systems, IP based surveillance and security, fire alarm, building automation systems, access control, fire alarm system, GIS, GPS and GPRS projects, electronics & electrical equipments, projects, telemedicine, Energy saving LED, lighting automatic license plate recognition, face recognition etc.

For vendors and resellers we create incredible sales and profitability opportunities through unique marketing programs, logistic support, technical leadership and financial assistance. For corporate & end users Newgene has been positioned as one-stop-solution for all IT products and service requirements.

Vendor Relations

We have a dedicated business and sales team for developing the business of every brand, we distribute and these professionals act as an extension of business development team of the vendors. We provide not just in-depth market coverage, but also provide exclusive market intelligence and 360 degree view of business. Value addition is provided at every step of the process elevating newgene from being a mere distributor to a marketing partner.

Corporate & Institutes

We have a strong legacy and industry experience in the arena of IT hardware, software and End-End solutions.

Today we have been positioned as one-stop-solution for all the IT networking & security products and services related requirements for our clients. Our dedicated team of engineers also help enhance, customize, implement, maintain and support your various hardware.

Managed Services

If your organization requires intensive printing / imaging across multiple locations, managed print services (MPS) can save you costs, ease printer maintenance, provide you control on printer resources and provide insights on printer utilization, all while using the latest printing technology. IT facility management services ensures uninterrupted access and performance of your IT infrastructure as per agreed SLAs (Service Level Agreements).Newgene facility management services team offers the requisite manpower as well as specialized remote management support required to keep your facilities ticking without a hitch. Some of the services include: network management services, data center management services, asset management & end user services.

Why managed print services from Newgene

Business printing devices

Manage all the printers centrally and monitor the usage of devices department wise and user wise. This helps in regulating the usage pattern and minimizing wastage of resources


Multilevel authentication provides physical security for the hard printed matters and built in security features of product ensures protection against network intrusion


Minimize wastage of consumables and consumption of papers. Less paper means less number of trees are cut down and less usage consumable means less usage of natural resources

Cost effective

We help organizations minimize the printing wastage and thus save more money, apart from direct saving coming from CAPEX to OPEX model of service.


Security & Surveillance

Newgene security solution is one of the leading integrator in the field of Security and integrated building management system industry. As a company we have the required experience and expertise of providing safety and security services to a wide range of facilities ranging from educational institutions to healthcare facilities, corporate offices to manufacturing units, shopping malls to research centers, apartment complexes to hotels and resorts. Our in house panel of highly skilled and experienced security experts assesses and determines the potential vulnerabilities and chalk out a security plan, that is viable, effective and last but not the least cost effective


Networking & Communication

Some of the networking products/solutions provided by Newgene are switching, routing, wireless services, structured network cabling, network management, automation, data center build, endpoint security, video conferencing, voice and unified communications.


End Computing

Newgene End computing group offers a wide range of products and solutions combining rugged, elegant and sophisticated looks with industry leading security systems and agility built in. A few products are desktop, notebook, thin client, workstations, tablets, printers, scanners, copiers, Bar code printers, POS & digital signage solutions, video wall, projectors, upgrade options like memory, HDD, warranty extension services, software licenses from microsoft, adobe, coral, antivirus licenses etc.


Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

It will use cameras specially designed and configured for number plate recognition. ALPR is used for law enforcement purposes, including to check if a vehicle is registered or licensed, to alert when any stolen vehicle is detected, to alert when any vehicle in watch-list is found. Automatic License Plate Recognition also stores the images of number plates as well as the text from the license plate for searches and report generation. Historical search can be performed on all the stored data of recognized number plates to know or generate a report of where and when the vehicle was identified.


Face-Recognition System

A new Technology in Biometrics field which talks about 3-D face recognition . While 3-D face recognition may be useful in controlled environments (since capturing the facial information requires a structured-light setting). Nowadays, traditional 2-D images can be used in real-life settings, with much better results, thanks to new software tools and more advanced analysis techniques.

This describes a practical implementation of a face-recognition system, using a mix of high-resolution cameras and a biometric identification system application suite. law-enforcement agencies typically use face-recognition systems to identify criminals or terror-suspects in public spaces, at entry points (airports, border crossings, road check posts, etc.), and during search-and-capture missions. The nature of use can involve fixed or mobile settings, in either standard or rugged enclosures, with the back-end processing carried out locally or remotely. Under the circumstances, the face-recognition system shall support configurations for different settings, shall work in both wired and wireless modes, and also be capable of connecting to a broadband backhaul to a back-end image processor.


Water purifier ( RO , UV , IF , TDS ) technology.

Purity Of Every Drop

Healthy and pure water is always being the need of human being. As impurity in water can be a big cause of unwanted diseases. It’s better not to compromise with health by intake of insecure non-purified water. We strive to provide you all in one solution for your longer life and safe you from various ailments.

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